"Jabuka" Starch Industry of Pančevo

Factory History

"Jabuka" Starch Industry from Pancevo, with around 150 employees, is the oldest factory in the Balkans that uses wet processing of corn. Established in 1894, it’s first owner was Getfried Fridrich. In the course of the entire century, changing it’s owners and going through a series of development phases, AD ’Jabuka’ has become a modern factory with the annual corn processing capacity of 60 000 tons. In 2007 the factory has gone through the ownership transformation, from state owned to private property, and as of June 28th 2007 it is, in the majority, the property of the consortium whose power of attorney holds Miroslav Alexa.

"Jabuka" is today a succesful factory, with the top management that has a clear vision in charge, that achieves a high quality of products, that can compete even in the European market. The factory is designed so that it can achieve high quality and maximum efficiancy concering the staff, energy and materials. It is organized in sectors (production, quality, development, commercial, finacial and general) and thanks to their tight cooperation, the factory is conducting business succesfuly for several years now.

Technological process

The main goal of the production process in "Jabuka" is to extract main ingredient – starch, from the corn grain, as well as other by-products – glutten, grout and chits, in the most efficient way.

The technological process of corn fabrication in AD "Jabuka" can be presented in four phases:
1. Damping the corn grain, grinding and separation of the starch fraction from the other parts of the grain
2. Product drying: starch, chits, grout and glutten.
3. Chemicaly and thermicaly modified starch production.
4. Starch to starch sweetener fabrication.
In the starch factory, the corn grain is transformed to precious supstances that are consequently used in different forms as main ingredients or additives in: food industry, candid industry, refreshing and non alcoholic beverages industry, paper, textile, pharmaceutical industry, also in metal industry, cosmetics industry, animal nutrition industry and many other products.

The factory disposes the equipment for the wet processing of corn of 180 t/day capacity, glucose syrups production plant of the 36 t/day capacity, product drying line, modified starch production equipment, as well as siloses for the corn storage of the 20 000 tons capacity.

AD "Jabuka" Starch Industry Mission

The succesful operation of "Jabuka" Starch Industry is based on experience of over one century involvment in the wet processing of corn. The most significant element of success is the total understanding of needs of the industries that use corn products as one fo the basic raw materials or at least an additive that contributes to the better quality of their products. Therefore, the further development of the AD "Jabuka" Starch Industry will include, above all, the improvement of quality, resolving the ecological issues, preservation of the environment and the expansion of the production program through captivating new products, as well as establishing and keeping tight and long term cooperation with the buyers in order to meet their demands and expectation completely.

"Jabuka" Goals

All of Jabuka's business goals will be achieved through the application of the quality assurance system according to standards JUS ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP, that include a process of non stop factory operation improvement with the application and the conduct of quality policy on all levels.

Besides, AD "Jabuka" Starch Industry will remain persistant in its loyalty to consumers and it will endaveour to adjust its products to their needs completely. Recent experiences from "Jabuka" confirm the accuracy of such business orientation.